About JKG Building


Welcome to JKG Building, a family owned and operated business with 35 years of knowhow. We specialise in custom-designed and built residential projects, from single dwellings to low volume multi-site developments, period and contemporary, for discerning clients with a taste for quality, creativity, and a little luxury.

Our business operates throughout Melbourne’s North-Western corridor to Melbourne’s inner suburbs, in highly sought-after communities like Parkville, West Melbourne, Kensington, Flemington, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale, Port Melbourne, Middle Park, Albert Park, and surrounds. We love working in these nostalgic leafy suburbs, building, and renovating exquisite period and contemporary homes for owners with the highest standards.

The professionals we engage and the suppliers we partner with are just as passionate about helping us achieve our vision and values and we work to deliver an unmatched client experience from start to finish.

“To me, JKG is personal…a business run and managed by my family so you can enjoy years of memories with yours. We’d love to build a beautiful home and amazing spaces just for you.”

Jonathan Giurdinella

Managing Director

Building was an inevitable outcome for Jonathan Giurdinella – Managing Director and Founder of JKG Building. With an entrenched family legacy in the residential building industry and his own 35-year history as a building practitioner, Jonathan’s passion for his vocation is obvious.

Immersed on job sites from the age of five, Jonathan quickly learned the value of hard work, attention to detail and clear communication with clients, consultants, skilled tradespeople, authorities and suppliers. These values have served him well, during his early years as a carpenter and now as a boutique builder, regardless of so many changes in the industry over time.

Jonathan takes great pride in his natural instincts and believes “when you’ve been around the building industry as long as I have, building becomes second nature – you just know when something’s not right and I’m driven to find out why and rectify it.” It’s this commitment and drive that client’s value most, as Jonathan helps them navigate through an unfamiliar, and sometimes unfriendly environment, to arrive at an outcome that simply delights.

For Jonathan, building beautiful, liveable, custom homes of the highest quality is the only way he knows. That’s why he chooses to be a low volume builder, allowing him the time and attention to ensure every detail is as planned, and the finished result far exceeds client expectations.